The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel

The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel, a non-profit organization, had begun operating after the end of WWII.
In November 1947, an article was published in a newspaper which invited natives of Lodz to a meeting.

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On the 24th of June 1996 the Association had been registered as a non-profit organization.
The goals of the Association are as follows:
Commemorating the memory of the Jewish community from Lodz and the memory of Polish Jews in general; supporting the commemoration sites in Lodz and its vicinity and in Poland at large; rendering assistance and support in the publishing of books and researches on the Jews of Lodz and its vicinity.
As part of its activities in Israel, the Organization had established in the 1970s a monument, in memory of Lodz Jews, in the cemetery of Holon – the monument was designed by sculptress Esther Eizen, who was born in Lodz. Every year, on Holocaust Memorial Day, the Organization holds a memorial service by this monument, participated by approx 350 people.
In addition, the Organization holds an annual meeting, which includes, beside the music and songs, documentary segments about the Community and its heritage, as well as lectures on subjects that correspond with the activities of the Organization.

The Memorial at Holon cemetery

Approximately 500 people partake in these meetings every year. Furthermore, the Organization holds other venues throughout the year, such as lectures, movies, theater shows, exhibitions and tours. The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel cooperates with institutions in Israel whose purpose is to commemorate the Holocaust and bequeath it to future generations – "Yad VaShem", "Massuah" and the "Ghetto Fighters' House".
The Organization had collaborated with Yad VaShem in the translation of the "Chronic of Lodz Ghetto " to Hebrew, and its publishing in four volumes.
Furthermore, the Organization had collaborated with Yad VaShem in publishing the "Book of Names" – a project that documented, in five volumes, all the names and details of more than 200 thousand residents of Lodz Ghetto.
The Organization took part in seminars for tour guides in Poland that had taken place in "Massuah", and held a memorial day for its members in the "Ghetto Fighters' House".
The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel is in close contact with educational institutions in Israel, particularly with the schools: Ort Singalovski, Tel-Aviv and Zeitlin Tel-Aviv. In the framework of this collaboration, survivors of Lodz Ghetto tell their stories to the pupils, who in turn prepare works that are related to the community of Lodz Jews. The survivors of Lodz Ghetto also join the school tours in Poland, as living witnesses, and present their personal story to the pupils, in the actual locations where the events had unfolded.

Memorial to Lodz Jews in Ashdod


The Organization had operated within the Israeli Education System, insisting to incorporate Lodz in the tours of Israeli high school students in Poland. Consequently in 2006, the Ministry of Education recommended to include Lodz in the tour routs of the youths in Poland, and indeed in the 2006 Holocaust Memorial Day, approx 750 teenagers from Israel and approx 400 teens from Lodz had convened for an emotional commemoration ceremony at the Lodz Train Station Site.
The Organization had initiated a Teacher Exchange Program between schools in Israel and Schools in Lodz, in order to deepen the cooperation and understanding between the people of Israel and the people of Poland. The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel is a member of the Polish Jews Organization and in the Centre of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel (COHSI), and takes part in their activities.
In 1995, the Association of Lodz Jews in Israel was one of the initiators and founders of the Faundation of  the Lodz Jews Haritage Preservation, which was established in Poland. A Foundation in which the Lodz Municipality and the Lodz Jewish Community are also partners, apart from the Association of Lodz Jews in Israel. The primary function of the Foundation is the renovation of the Jewish cemetery in Lodz, placing particular emphasis on the part of the cemetery in which Jews from the Ghetto were buried. Furthermore, the Foundation initiates and takes an active part in organizing exhibitions about the Community, and in publishing documents and books pertaining to the life of the Jewish Community in Lodz, and partakes in various commemoration events that take place in Lodz. This Foundation also helps those wishing to search for information about their family and relatives, and in finding documents that are liable to provide information about the families of the community of Lodz Jews, both before and after the War.

The Memorial at Lodz cemetery

The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel has close and fluent relations with the Municipality of Lodz; it initiates and partakes in various activities which the Municipality holds. The Organization was actively involved in the events that took place in August 2004, marking 60 years to the abolition of Lodz Ghetto. It was by the initiative of the Organization that memorial signposts were posted in sites related to the history of Lodz Ghetto – the signposts are in Polish, English, Hebrew and Yiddish. These sites were selected in consultation with the Organization and the Hebrew and Yiddish translations were rendered by the Organization. Today, similar signposting is being placed in sites that had served the Jewish community before WWII.
The Organization had initiated and took an active part in the conversion of the Radegast railroad station, which served the Germans for the Ghetto needs. The same train station from which the Lodz Jews were exiled to the concentration camps. The Lodz Municipality undertook the task of restoring and preserving the Site, which was formally inaugurated as a memorial in August 2004, and in August 2005 a monument was inaugurated at the Site, which was initiated by the Municipality of Lodz. This Site is a unique memorial and there is no other like it in Poland.
The Organization cooperates and is in close and fluent relations with the existing Jewish community of Lodz. The Organization had helped the Community in restoration of its property, pursuant to Polish Law. The Organization coordinates positions and operations with the Community, in all aspects pertaining to the commemoration and heritage of the Jewish community of Lodz.

There are many active members in the Association of Lodz Jews in Israel, who are 2nd and 3rd generations to Holocaust survivors. Their activity and devotion to the goals of the Organization ensure that the memory of the Lodz Jews will live on, and its heritage will be passed on to future generations.
The activity of the Organization is performed entirely by volunteers. The daily work in the Organization's offices is also carried out by volunteers who receive no wages, nor are they reimbursed for their expenses. The activities of the Association of Lodz Jews in Israel are funded solely by the membership fees and from donations, and the Association is not supported by any formal body or institution.

The offices of the Organization are open to the public:
Sundays-Thursdays, from 09:00 to 12:00.
The offices are located at 158 Dizengoff St. (4th Floor) Tel-Aviv 63461
Tel: 03- 5241833
Fax: 03- 5248137



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